African Night Fever takes over Westbourne

Down a dimly lit off road in Westbourne I find myself sitting pre-show taking in what is happening in a fairly affluent part of West Sussex. Dobet Gnahore and her entourage are all speaking French with a heavy African accent; the dancers come suited and booted for the cold weather in hoodies and beanies. Dobet Gnahore, her band, comprised of  great musicians Colin Laroche de Feline (guitar) , Clive Govinden(bass) & Boris Tchango (drums) are sitting around the table having a drink, with an hour till doors open and the sound check hasn’t even begun but the cheerful atmosphere makes it seem like everything is under control, they are well rehearsed and ready.

As the bar filled I don’t think anyone was ready for the night they had in store for them. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Wemsfest 2014 Westbourne club Dobet Gnahore, Na Dre Dance

From the Ivory Coast Grammy Award winner and BBC R3 music Nominee Dobet Gnahoré.



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