Another Life – An Evening of Jazz Compositions

Band members playing in the concert
Rehearsal photo – Some of the musicians playing instruments and singing in the concert.

It’s been a busy week rehearsing for a concert¬† on the 12th of February with talented graduate – jazz composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist Tom Truman.¬† I have the privilege of playing Saxophone in a number of Tom’s compositions – all varying complexity and styles, such as jazz, folk, blues, classical, flamenco, metal and soul. The instrumentalists playing in the concert are 3 vocalists, 2 guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and a violinist; as well as me on alto and a friend on baritone saxophone. The concert is raising money for the Sussex Snowdrop Trust who do a lot of good for the community by providing ‘Care at Home’ for local children who have a life-threatening illness.

My brain is currently flooded with chords, melodies and ideas – while practicing I stumbled on the idea of triadic pairs, for example I noticed that F# minor and E major work very well together, upon analysis the reason it worked was quite simple –¬† E major would be the upper extensions of the F#m chord… F# A C# E G# B, so the 7th 9th and 11th respectively.

This break away from scales would definitely make my life of practicing and playing changes a lot more interesting and hopefully easier as there’s a million scales to play over a chord at any moment but a set of two chords which always work may just make improvising over complex chord changes a little more bearable.

Doing a search online unlocked a wealth of resources and information about triadic pairs and or more advanced chord theory and information about triad pairs check out this video (Walt Weiskopf Presents a Triad Pairs Exercise) lots of ideas and information to practice.

I can only hope that they execute themselves in some form on the day.

Date:12/02/2015 Time: 6.30pm Location: Chapel of Ascension, University of Chichester, College Lane, PO19 6PE


Adrian Brown is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher and freelance Digital Marketing specialist based in Chichester.